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About Dean Diaries

Dean Diaries is dedicated to helping authors create movements around their books. We work on the business side, the creative side, and the marketing side to help authors be successful not just with their first book but with whatever comes next. Dean Diaries is here to make sure authors' manuscripts stand out among the crowd. Whether it’s getting that first book produced or coaching on how to build a career as an author.

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Meet Sierra Dean

I'm a full-time mompreneur who loves assisting authors in creating Best-Selling books and extra income streams. When I started this entrepreneurship journey, my goal was to help people learn how to express themselves through another outlet, which was writing. I didn't plan to become an author, but I knew that to get my audience to open up to me, I needed to become vulnerable. 


How could I tell people that writing helps heal and was my form of therapy if I had nothing to show for it? Therefore, I gathered all of my journals and created a book for those that needed to know they weren't alone.


In 2017, I began helping others write and share their stories with the world. As people wrote their stories, I found that they were healing as well, and I needed to make sure I kept that cycle going. 2020 was a complete game-changer for my business because I vowed to only create best-sellers. As a Publishing Coach, I strive to make sure all authors are able to add Best-Selling Author to their bio. 


I'm now on a journey to help authors create extra income streams because I know what it's like to focus solely on one stream of income. Doing that will cost you and your family in the long run.


I'm looking forward to seeing how I can add value to your life!


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Understanding this process is that of a journey, Sierra took me step by step through the process and assured me that things were in place. I highly recommend her for all of her knowledge, get ready for Best Seller status!

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