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Never Let Them See You Sweat: Tears Belong In Your Pillows

Have you ever sat back and just had to thank God for bringing you out of dark situations? Just knowing that it was all for your good, in order to create the wonderful being that you are today.
Author Donjala Smith- Thomas takes you through her broken-hearted life story of abandonment, sexual abuse, mental, and physical abuse. As a former victim, she wants to share her story in hopes of saving the lives of other women.
She encourages women to be open with their feelings and not to be ashamed of any issue that they may face. Be vulnerable and show emotion. Teach self-love because if you don’t love yourself you can't truly love anyone else. Being abused left her searching for love in all the wrong places. She suffered in silence and in fear of being judged for her mental issues. Never Let Them See You Sweat will take you through a journey of past pain. Writing this book was therapeutic and a way to heal. It helped her to release brokenness and forgive those who harmed her. Looking for love in all the wrong places, she had what she needed all along...
Her faith in God, which got her through trying times.

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Scruples: A Journaling Workbook for Personal and Group Development

This workbook is designed to facilitate critical thinking and provide guidance for those aged 13 years + with a progressive perspective. With communication gaps between generations growing, Scruples serves to mend those gaps utilizing positive, healthy, and collaborative strategies. Additionally, this multifaceted tool enhances self-awareness. When used to supplement existing personal or organizational development, participants will benefit from strengthened intellectual and character building skills. Scruples is a robust resource with activities that help improve self -confidence, family bonds, and healthy relationships.


The Prescription of Superwoman

A book by Author Dana Lynn Kerns. Read about her miraculous recovery from being bedridden, wheelchair bound and broken to now an entrepreneur, mother, mentor for girls and a life purpose coach.

Learn about the prescriptions she took to cure her from pain to purpose.

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When Prayer Doesn't Work: What Now?

An E-Guide to help you learn how to cope and move on from past relationship hurt.


Snatched Out

Blinded by the blood line that carried me in my mothers womb. Demons cared to take my life. Perishing from a lack of knowledge of occultic involvement and witchcraft. Warlocks and witches laid traps privily against me but God mercy and his grace snatched me out. This book is a guide on overcoming idolatry and witchcraft. This is a no weapon zone.

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Ashes of the Past

Letting go of the past can be hard at times but we all must find an outlet to rid the pain of our past. Ashes of the Past is Sierra Dean's way of apologizing to herself and others to move forward towards a brighter future.

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Cattle Of Kings: The First Passage

This fictional adventure of love, peace, and revolution dives into the dynamics of the world's culture. Set only a few years from today, this story details the struggles and triumphs that comes with fighting to create peace of mind for the People. Join Azzi, Zina and Syr as they embark on a wondrous feat to establish a prosperous future in a chaotic world. Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

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The Mountains That Made Me

In hopes that her words would reach people that need to hear her story to make it through their trials.
This book contains the actual journal entries by Sierra Dean when she was going through and growing through her depression. She never planned on publishing her actual diary.

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