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Meet Author Dana Lynn Kerns

Dana Lynn was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. At age 21, she became a mother but was determined to finish college, thus she moved back home after giving birth. She proceeded her studies in Clinical Child Psychology at University of Missouri-St. Louis until she fell ill on campus in 2006. Since her recovery from bedridden, wheelchair-bound and semi paralysis, she's raised her daughter, become a full time entrepreneur, mompreneur, motivational speaker, youth advocate and author. She wants her story to encourage all  that you can rise from anything and win!

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The Prescription of Superwoman

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What if the life you planned out and were in the process of achieving was taken from you in one day? Imagine that you went from an independent walking, talking, go-getting woman to a disabled and semi-paralyzed dependent.

The Prescription of Superwoman offers:

  • Life lessons in change

  • Pathway to fulfilling life even after detours

  • Lists of life prescriptions to heal after such a tragedy

As the CEO of Rich Girls, Real Women, I understand that I couldn't have become an entrepreneur unless I could walk in the shoes of those I was to serve.

After reading The Prescription of Superwoman, you will be able to:

  • Find your own prescription to the life illnesses you've experienced

  • Will have a better understanding as to why things went the way they are and why it was you they happened to

  • Learn how to love yourself even through the pain

Available on:

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The Prescription of Superwoman Journal

You've read the book and learned what prescriptions healed me. Now it's time to find yours! This detailed journey will have you evaluating life in every category. From relationships to friends. Jobs to careers. Self-love to self-worth. Pain to purpose. It is time to be healed and live in YOUR happiness.

Available on:

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