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Meet Author Precious Grimes

Precious Grimes has an M.A in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University and a Masters in Public Administration from Southern Illinois University. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in mental health. She founded Therapeutic Glow Counseling and Educational Services, LLC by integrating experiences in therapeutic settings and her educational background.


She has a passion for supporting people through their life journeys and helping people understand their connections to different aspects of their lives. She believes the connections are a part of how we were shaped to perceive the world. She strives to help women identify their innate power, recreate their narrative, and no longer rehearse their trauma as a monologue.


"Together we can do great things when we start to use our innate powers to heal ourselves."

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Clearing The Noise

Clearing The Noise by Precious Grimes.jpg

Available August 14th

Are you are struggling with healing from past trauma and experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety?

Have you experienced continuous cycles of unhealthy relationships?

Are you a woman who struggles with making and maintaining connections?

Do you feel guilty about struggling with motherhood?

Do you use your career, life experiences, etc., as a crutch or negative attachment and are codependent on these concepts to formulate your identity?

Clearing The Noise will help you understand the core concepts in your life that shaped your false reality and find your rhythm to the noise that overpowered you.

  • Recognize, reframe, and repurpose your trauma by connecting the pieces

  • Identify your stages of healing and cycle through the steps with guidance through therapy, mediation, SELFISH acts

  • Learn the STORM Theory to navigate through difficulties


After you read this book, you will be comfortable unlinking negative behaviors that are no longer aligned with your desired self. Create your own therapeutic strategies that reduce your fears, anxiety, and depression. With continuous efforts to heal, you will glow, recreate your relationships, explore your independence, and love without limits.

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