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Dean Diaries

Writing Services

We offer a variety of resources to get you writing. We'll provide rich content, assist in research, develop an outline, and more. As your guide throughout the process, we only work with authors who have a strong idea and dedication to seeing their manuscript to completion.

Writing Camp

This 90-Day Writing Camp is designed for aspiring authors that want to bring their book to life. This program gives you access to a community of writers that share a common goal, provides tools, strategies and processes to help you write your book. 

About The Author & Book Synopsis

Use this content package to write your book synopsis and the about the author section on Amazon and your book cover. We will assist you in writing your book synopsis or author bio. Click the"I'm Ready" button to get started today.

Manuscript Outline

If you're struggling to write, don't know how to organize your book, or have never written a book before then download the Manuscript Outline today. This Manuscript Outline is a great tool to help you write your book faster. 

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